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In The Bakery


Odin is busy in the kitchen, so his wife, "Frigga" is in charge of the emails. She likes to give away free stuff & she may even surprise you with a birthday present!

Loved the birthday cake, and the rum cake was awesome, thank you.... Micki on Facebook
Best bakery we have found in SW Florida. Cheddar corn quiche was excellent and almond Kringle was to die for. ... Hazel from Bonita Springs on YELP
I have an enormous fondness for delicious food. Sweet Odin's Danish Kringle is an absolute must! Bravo.... Dorothy from Bonita Springs
Sweet Odin's is making a major contribution to building character in this area by creating a neighborhood feel in a delicious... Ginger in Estero
Finally a great bakery in SWFL. Not good but great like Ebingers of Brooklyn circa 1960. So good.... Jack. Estero
Bought my first choc/nut Kringle yesterday and became INSTANTLY addicted. What a wonderful treat! ... Catherine in Bonita Springs
Flavorful, flaky pastry, quality ingredients...YUM!... Holly from Facebook

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