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In The Bakery


Odin is busy in the kitchen, so his wife, "Frigga" is in charge of the emails. She likes to give away free stuff & she may even surprise you with a birthday present!

Just moved to WPB from Racine and in just two months miss the kringles I use to get. Have to make a road trip... John west palm beach
I LOVE KRINGLES (even tho I'm a Swede)... Wayne in Naples
Your creamy coffee cake is awesome.... Bonita Birder in Bonita Springs
OMG - I can't believe you're here.... Rose in Bonita Springs
Just tried Sweet Odin's today. I was pleasantly surprised. It's a beautiful shop. Really inviting inside. They have tab... Karla K from Google +
Just had some of your Turtle kringle. It was so good it was sinful. I would be in big trouble if I lived in Florida. I would be vi... Eileen B.
a delight. yummy goodies. attractive d├ęcor. everyone is so friendly and happy. thank you!!!!!... anne, estero

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