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In The Bakery


Odin is busy in the kitchen, so his wife, "Frigga" is in charge of the emails. She likes to give away free stuff & she may even surprise you with a birthday present!

Everything was wonderful, just what we were hoping to find finally, thank you.... Mona
Best cake our big Italian family has had! Thank you so much for making my little girl the perfect cake and smash cake!... Killian in Bonita Springs/Springfield,MO
OMG! My friend just came over to give me a Kringle as a gift. I'm from Racine Didn't know U were there. Was delish! W/b... Nedra in Ft Myers
It is so nice to have a real bakery with great products in the area. Well worth the trip from Naples!... Laurie in Naples
Love the quiche!... Bonita springs
originally from Racine, WI. Just bought a snowbird place in PG. So now sunshine in the winter AND kringle. Life is good!!... mike in Punta Gorda
Oh my god bought my first Kringle today and it is out of this world!!!! I will definitely be back!!!!!! ;-)... Jody in Naples

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