~ Menu ~

A family tradition that has been passed from father to son since 1949.

Jumbo Muffin Schedule for August
  1. Cheese Filled
  2. Mango Filled
  3. Closed
  4. Blueberry
  5. Cheese Filled
  6. Brantastic
  7. Apricot Filled
  8. Spiced Pecan
  9. Oreo
  10. Closed
  11. Apple Cinnamon
  12. Raspberry Filled
  13. Chocolate Chip
  14. Chocolate Cheese Filled
  15. No Sugar Added Raspberry
  16. Blueberry
  17. Closed
  18. Guava Cheese
  19. Cherry Cheese
  20. Lemon Cheese
  21. Chocolate Strawberry
  22. Chocolate Chip Cheese
  23. Baker’s Choice
  24. Closed
  25. Brantastic
  26. Raspberry Filled
  27. Baker’s Choice
  28. Lemon Cheese
  29. Banana Split
  30. Poppyseed
  31. Closed


Odin is busy in the kitchen, so his wife, "Frigga" is in charge of the emails. She likes to give away free stuff & she may even surprise you with a birthday present!

I just had a jelly filled donut and it was wonderful!... Harriet
We are so pleased that we found a TRUE bakery here at last.... Barb, Estero
I have an enormous fondness for delicious food. Sweet Odin's Danish Kringle is an absolute must! Bravo.... Dorothy from Bonita Springs
Oh my god bought my first Kringle today and it is out of this world!!!! I will definitely be back!!!!!! ;-)... Jody in Naples
Just picked up a kringle, came home and ate 2 pieces!!Delish! Thank you for choosing Bonita!... Susan in Bonita Springs
Sweet Odin's is making a major contribution to building character in this area by creating a neighborhood feel in a delicious... Ginger in Estero
OMG - I can't believe you're here.... Rose in Bonita Springs

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