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A family tradition that has been passed from father to son since 1949.

Jumbo Muffin Schedule for May
  1. Brantastic
  2. Blueberry Filled
  4. Lemon Cheese
  5. Chocolate Chocolate Chip
  6. Caramel Pecan Silk
  7. Blueberry
  8. Rum Crunch
  9. Cheese Filled
  10. CLOSED
  11. Blueberry
  12. Apple Cinnamon
  13. Banana Nut
  14. Apple Filled
  15. Chocolate Espresso
  16. Cherry Cheese
  17. CLOSED
  18. Brantastic
  19. Salted Caramel
  20. Maple Walnut
  21. Blueberry
  22. Lemon Poppyseed
  23. Chocolate Chocolate Chip
  24. CLOSED
  25. CLOSED – Memorial Day
  26. Chocolate Chocolate Chip
  27. Raspberry Filled
  28. Banana Nut
  29. Lemon Poppyseed
  30. Oreo
  31. Apricot Filled


Odin is busy in the kitchen, so his wife, "Frigga" is in charge of the emails. She likes to give away free stuff & she may even surprise you with a birthday present!

Original from Racine. Danish bakeries are the best.... Ginny Land O Lakes
"Delicious" isn't a big enough word to describe how good their goodies are!
What a treasure for Bonita Sprin...
Cindy in Bonita Springs
Odin's Danish treats are incredibly fresh & delicious & their staff is incredibly hospitable!! Keep up the great work... Tracy in Port Charlotte
Our first visit certainly won't be our last. Wonderful pastries and firggas! The pasta soup is worth the trip alone.... Bob Johnson
Best Kringle I've had in a long time. And - it comes FRESH - not frozen solid like those other places from way up North!!... David in Miami
Just had my very first taste of Kringle (Almond) - and all I can say is MORE!!!... Barbara in Naples
Bought my first choc/nut Kringle yesterday and became INSTANTLY addicted. What a wonderful treat! ... Catherine in Bonita Springs

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