To All Our Welcomed and Celebrated Patrons,

The news of our store closing comes with a heavy heart for us here at Sweet Odin's Danish Bakery. We appreciate all of you and all of your kind words you have brought us over the years. We have loved being a part of your families and parties for over 4 years. You have been there for us from the beginning.

Costs of ingredients and rent, for example, have gone up past the point that we may retrieve enough profit to keep the store open for another year. It was time for us to make a decision about where we are headed as a company. While our future location is unclear, we would never want our patrons to feel that we were unclear about their dedication to quality baked goods. We know that most of you have come out of the way of your daily routines to make a stop here at Sweet Odin's Danish Bakery. We know that you went the extra mile to post things on social media, and vote in contests like Gulf Shore Life and Naples Daily News – Best Of- competitions.

We have loved every ounce of support you have shown over the years.

Our final day will be Easter Saturday. April 15th , 2017. We wanted to stay open for all of our customers. We know that we have found a place at your table, just as you have found a place at our hearts. Therefore, we wanted to be open and able to help with your holiday celebrations.

Thank you all for your understanding. This hasn’t been an easy decision. We will post any new information here of any possible new locations. Thank you all again for everything.

Best wishes to all,

The Sweet Odin's Danish Bakery Family